Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, as it was…....

Now coming to the end of the year, and after a gap of nearly three months I have come back with another post. I am not sure if I will post another article here in this blog.

When I turn back at 2011, there are two good things that happened. The first was getting to see my best friend Sushma after a very long time. It was very surprising when I heard my husband say that her husband had contacted him. That evening Sushama and myself spoke over the phone for a very long time forgetting it was an ISD call. I met her in August for her daughter’s reception. It was indeed a wonderful experience!!!

Second, I got in touch with many of my classmates through face book. It is a heavenly feeling to know that there are people who still remember you after a gap of 30 years!!!!!!

If I look at 2011, I think the bad things outweigh the good ones. My health has deteriorated. By the end of March I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. I was having constant fever and chest infection. It was at that time one of my husband’s uncles was diagnosed with TB in the secondary stage. I told the doctor that and I underwent the mantoux test. I was tested positive. I couldn’t control my tears and cried shamelessly in front of the doctor. The doctor pacified me and told me it was okay and I could be alright. I wasn’t given the BCG vaccination when I was small. I was born abroad and the doctor said children abroad (in certain countries) are not given BCG. I couldn’t accept it. There were two diseases that I never wanted to acquire – one was leprosy and the other tuberculosis. I know tuberculosis is curable but the stigma attached to it is scary. Even now I am running a temperature and chest infection. I am not sure if it is anything to do with tuberculosis.

Since then my health has been deteriorating. Initially it was just diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol but now it is all that plus other related problems. I was a person who could sit for hours in front of the computer. But now I hardly ever come to the system. I have to go through the physical pain when I am typing something. So I am avoiding the system as far as possible. Every little thing I do hurts my joints. I realized that even ringing the calling bell could hurt me.

I really don’t know if I’ll ever come back here to post another article. I may read your posts. If health permits me I’ll come back with more posts.

Happy New Year to all of you here!!!!!

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