Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Daylight Robbery by the 'Brides of God'

This is about a prestigious college in Trivandrum which is managed by the ‘brides of God’. It was just last week that I went there again for my daughter’s admission. (I studied there for two years twenty five years ago.) I had to go there seven days in less than a month. The first time it was to drop my daughter’s application. The second time to look at the merit list published, then three days to meet the Principal and finally two days for the admission.

There were quite a few things that I noticed about this college.

1. It is a Herculean task to meet the Principal who is in a ‘safe deposit locker’. I quite don’t understand why she needs so much security. (may be for that nasty behaviour of hers.) A person can meet her only after entering three doors!!!! I realized it was much easier to meet Barack Obama or Queen Elizabeth or at least Prathiba Patel, our President. If you plan to meet the Principal one should be sure that you have enough casual leaves because she and her caucus will make sure that you go there for three days befor you meet her. That is the joy of making other people wait and enjoy real sadistic pleasure out of that!!!

2. Beware of the Principal. She is worse than a chameleon. She is in camouflage. She can be very sweet at one time and the next time you can see the devil in her.

3. Go there in your best ‘modern’ attire. (The dirtier your jeans, the more privileged u become!!) If not, you will be treated like dirt.

4. Never dare to question their misdoings. If you do, you become a communist.

5. Even if you talk to the college authorities in the most polite way and if it point out any mistake of theirs be sure that they will spread nasty tales about you.

6. Marks are secondary here. It is the weight of one’s parents’ purse that is more important.

7. At times of admission this place becomes an auction house. Christie’s auction house and Sotheby’s auction house will hold their heads down in shame if they see the auctioning going on in this college. There is no open bidding. Brown envelopes are given to the parents. You write your ward’s name and the amount you give on the envelope. By counting the notes they decide what your child will learn. If the amount is not up to their expectations the envelope will be returned back and you are out of the auction

8. The authorities make sure that parents’ know the auctioning rates. They have a non teaching staff’s husband who tells people to pay half a lakh of rupees to ensure their seats.

I met so many parents from not so well-to-do families putting bundles of Rs.500 notes into envelopes. I feel it is total injustice to take such huge amount for an UG seat. There were many poor people who looked helpless and stood there imploring in front of God’s brides. They stood there emotionless. They have neither human feelings nor compassion. (Remember the saying, money makes the devil dance.) All that they care for is fat purses, NRI students and the cream of the society to study in that college.

I wonder why no student’s organizations like the SFI or KSU or any other organization is protesting against the daylight robbery of the ‘brides of God’. Or are they the Devils’ disciples?????