Monday, July 19, 2010

The Varied Uses of a Hair Dryer

The first time I used a hair dryer was when I was in Class VII. It was a big orange one with temperature regulations made by Philips. My Dad had brought it from abroad and it was not a common thing those days to have hair dryers at home. My Dad told me that I had to use it regularly after a shower to style my hair. He was very fond of my “Bruce Lee cut.” Even I was proud of that style and really enjoyed boys calling me Bruce Lee (I thought that I looked like Bruce Lee. It was later I realized that he was not one bit handsome to me).

I think I must have used that hair dryer less than a month as I read an article in the Women’s Era that it was not good for one’s hair. With that I stopped using it. My brother used it regularly and still uses one.

In course of time I got married. There was no hair dryer in my husband’s house. Though I was not particularly interested in that, I longed for one. At last I managed to get one. Again I used it rarely. I have to tell you that my husband uses it regularly to dry everything possible except his hair.

The uses of hair dryer are varied in my house. It serves the purpose of a heater. When my husband has a pain on his neck he uses the ‘hair dryer’ over that region and claims that his pain has vanished (like the Amrutanjan ad…”poyi pochee”).

He suffers from acute sinusitis. When his sinus is giving him trouble, again he takes out the hair dryer and holds it to his face and says he is feeling relieved. Again it is the same “poyi pochee” stuff. (But the next day he goes to the doctor and gets antibiotics to get the actual relieve.)

When the microwave oven gives problems again his ‘hair dryer’ comes out. He claims it is the moisture and humidity that is corroding the connection and he has his hair dryer magic on the microwave. The microwave oven starts functioning only after the service engineer overhauls it. This is the same with the case of the television or any electronic and electrical gadgets. My husband is very obsessed with this hair dryer.

Before I conclude….one more instance

I get severe sprains on my knees. Recently I sprained my right knee. I was writhing in pain. My husband came out with his ‘magic dryer’ and held it close to my knee. When I protested he said that it was good my body had to get heated up especially my leg. I was screaming out in pain and he would not relent to my protests. When my daughter strongly protested seeing me cry he applied Volini on my knees and again he brought out the hair dryer. If I were in a position to move I would have flung the hair dryer out of the house.

I keep teasing him about his obsession for the hair dryer. I tell him that Philips India should hire him in their research wing to do research on their hair dryers. He says that I am ignorant of things. Yeah…maybe he is right. After all he has a doctorate in Physics while I am just a Post graduate in an Arts subject who knows nothing about hair dryers!!!!!!